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Mazaal Premium Rice Brand

Handcrafted to Perfection

Mazaal had a dream and made that dream a reality, through hard work and perseverance. We have handcrafted a company that provides our customers with the food commodities they require to be successful. The foods we supply are of highest quality to help encourage the world to live healthy.
Mazaal is the no.1 brand in food industry who delivers great quality food products using latest technologies and best practices. All the food products of our company are of premium quality which not only provides you necessary nutrition for your health but also adds taste to your life.



As a company, Mazaal has a wonderful culture. Being a leader in the food industry, We have built a culture focusing on two factors, quality & honesty. We provide the best quality products that reflect the process of our company, Quality and Honesty.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly experienced international professionals whom are masters of their fields. We ensure that each member of our team has a passion in their respected field. This strong team of professionals work together to achieve greatness, producing a wide range of food for our customers reaching supermarket destinations world wide.

Our Food

We feel proud to tell the world we provide the most healthy, nutrition rich and hygienic food products to our customers. Our food is grown and produced on world class farms. We process our foods in the world’s best factories using the latest technologies. This practice makes our food the world’s most hygienic, nutrition rich, healthy and tasty for our customers.



Mazaal is committed to quality, bringing the best quality food products for everyone is our mission. By adhering to this mission we quickly established Mazaal as a brand in the industry. We are present in all countries of Europe and many more such as the Middle East, America, Africa and Asia including Ukraine, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, India and many more. We are still growing fast and continuously expanding our business.

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